English to Khmer Meaning of idealize - ហួសហេតុពេក

Idealize :

ហួសហេតុពេក, ស្រមៃ, ផ្ដើម, នឹក, ឧបមាថា, ប្រឌិត

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Definitions of idealize in English
Verb(1) consider or render as ideal(2) form ideals
Examples of idealize in English
(1) Moral values at the national level are idealized family values projected onto the nation.(2) She was idealized as a martyr's daughter and a symbol of Palestine.(3) The competitive environment, idealized in perfect competition, represents the most efficient structure.(4) However, it is quite possible that there exist idealized solutions that do not lie close, in any sense, to non-idealized ones.(5) Each of these individuals incarnated certain character traits which made them suitable for mass idealisation and adoration.(6) He does his best here to present Richard and Elise as idealized lovers caught up in a classical tragic romance.(7) They give idealized realizations of my work in the string quartet medium.(8) They created idealized hierarchies that favored their own group over others.(9) The portrait is idealized on so many different levels it would be difficult to enumerate them.(10) But at the same time modular processes feed on the notion of lifestyle as an exemplary performance undertaken by individuals who are not just stereotypes but idealizations of stereotypes.(11) Continuing to measure idealized final outcomes will not enable us to answer these questions.(12) The film is narrated collectively by a group of neighborhood boys, now older, who idolized and idealized the five girls.(13) So, growing up, I knew that the Hollywood depiction of Indian life was rather idealized .(14) The fact that such idealizations of Athens were at least partly fictional did not help, nor did the fact that the Greeks who rose up against the Turks were less a unified people than a network of tribes under local chieftains.(15) Orwell was indeed unsociable, anti-feminist and homophobic, but only ambiguously anti-Semitic, and by no means such a dewy-eyed idealiser of the plebs as some have imagined.(16) Transformational leaders, on the other hand, tend to be idealized , and oriented to change.
(1) ideal man ::
(2) ideal gas ::
(3) ideal world ::
(4) not ideal ::
1. romanticize ::
2. glorify ::
3. be unrealistic about ::
5. paint a rosy picture of ::
6. glamorize ::
7. deify ::
8. put on a pedestal ::
Different Forms
idealize, idealized, idealizes, idealizing
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