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Proboscis :
- proboscisproboscis

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Noun(1) the human nose (especially when it is large(2) a long flexible snout as of an elephant

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(1) Its remarkable fidelity enabled him to recognize that I was wrong: the segmented worm with a proboscis probably is not a nematode, but an annelid.(2) It uses its trunk, or proboscis , to gather food and water and also to play, fight, feel its surroundings and detect smells.(3) Cyrano de Bergerac, Edmond Rostand's famous play about a swordsman-poet with a gigantic heart and a proboscis to match, has been translated countless times to just about every medium and language known to man.(4) Phylum Nemertea contains about 1,150 species of unsegmented worms that possess an eversible proboscis contained in a fluid-filled cavity or rhynchocoel.(5) The zalambdalestids are attractive as rabbit or macroscelidan ancestors since they are clearly jumping animals, and had an elongated rostrum quite possibly supporting a proboscis similar to those of elephant shrews.(6) For example, some flowers that look white to us sport ultraviolet markings, showing butterflies exactly where to land and insert the proboscis for nectar.(7) An extraordinary sculpted figure created by a dancer walking backwards on all fours, with a bulbous proboscis at one end and a long tail at the other, may be a lizard; I wasn't sure.(8) Darwin realized that when a moth with pollen masses stuck on its proboscis visited the next flower, the bent-over pollen mass would be aligned for perfect delivery onto the new flower's stigma.(9) All tapirs have a short, fleshy proboscis formed by the snout and upper lips.(10) But its head resembled nothing more than a game bird's, with its pallid pimply skin and pronounced proboscis , or beak.(11) It appears that they were not only able to recognize food at the sediment surface and collect it with a proboscis (as was the case with all those burrowers discussed above) but also to find the necessary building materials.(12) Furthermore, when we cooled the metal to below ninety degrees Fahrenheit, no other stimulus we presented could induce the vinchuca to extend its proboscis .(13) The white canvas fan overhead did not stir, dust and cobwebs crisscrossed the interstices, and a fat dollop of a spider dangled from the hub in front of my proboscis until I batted it away with a rolled Forbes.(14) Both these burrowers had a proboscis permanently penetrating to the surface and, at least in the case of the detritus feeding by Psammichnites, collected food together with sediment from the surface.(15) The software was clearly unable to cope with the size of my real-life proboscis , though, squashing it somewhat and giving me the air of a boxer who's walked into one too many fists.(16) Its proboscis , which looks like a nose but is actually the longest mouthpart of any known fly, protrudes as much as four inches from its head - five times the length of its bee-size body.
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Different Forms
proboscis, proboscises
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